Missing Pieces: Book 1 of the Rain Pearl Series

| May 4, 2017


Donny, a daydreaming loner from Earth, and Julia, a naïve wizard who can’t even fathom her magical potential, find themselves in one sticky situation after another after they’re forced to brave different worlds together. It doesn’t take Donny long to realize there’s a lot more to Julia than what meets the eye: magical talents, secret missions, and an adventure he’s always craved.
They fight for their lives in an attempt to outwit the power-hungry, egocentric wizard Dorian. What is Dorian’s interest in Julia, and will they escape his pursuit?…
There’s a great deal to learn about the worlds around them as they discover the brewing war for the possession of the Rain Pearls. Can they trust their new friends? Will they be able to keep the Rain Pearls safe from mal intent?
Can peace ever be restored to the realms?

… Also look for Book 2 of the Rain Pearl Series coming soon…

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