By Force of Hand

| May 5, 2017


Mysteriously injured, Medax is saved by a peculiar girl whose body is composed of constantly shifting rocks. Grateful for Belua’s help, Medax invites her back to his home city of Mar, where water buildings line the streets and trees refuse to stand still. When Medax becomes distracted by a beautiful theater assistant, Belua looks for a way to break her curse alone and finds an intriguing university professor.

Meanwhile, the leader of a rival city-state is looking for revenge. Accompanied by his burly good-natured friend and a team of his finest men, Fasces travels to Mar to destroy the ruling class and free his red-eyed brethren from slavery. His first hostages? The shrewd deaf-mute assistant to the Council of Mar and his baby brother.

These intertwining plotlines come to a climax at the Lux Aestiva festival, where all of the characters are forced to face the uncomfortable truths about the flaws within themselves and their society.

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