Sorcerous Deeds

| May 5, 2017


When a cruel sorcerer appears in Tropolis, murdering and kidnapping its citizens, how far is private investigator JB Lucerne prepared to go to rid his city of this evildoer? And will that be far enough?

JB’s private detective agency is successful, even if he can’t say the same for his love life, but when two elven princes turn up and demand he fulfil a blood bond by finding a missing princess, he has no choice but to take the case.

Heading up an alliance with others provoked by a vindictive sorcerer’s murderous deeds, JB tracks the princess to the blighted Wraithlands. The allies face exploding portals and monstrous shapeshifters, but can they rescue the kidnapped princess in time to prevent her death releasing havoc on an unsuspecting world?

If you like gripping mysteries interwoven with generous doses of magic and humor, then you’ll love Teagan Kearney’s urban fantasy novella, ‘Sorcerous Deeds’, Book Two in the ‘Adept Solutions’ series.
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