Beware the River (Middle School Haunts)

| July 13, 2013


Beware the River (Middle School Haunts)

Gram’s dementia is getting worse, so BJ spends nights at her house to watch over her. Unfortunately, his great grandmother believes that she is still living during the great depression and expects BJ to be as frugal as they were forced to be in the old days. This is really starting to wear on his nerves, until something happens to shift his focus from Gram entirely.

Is it possible that Gram’s dementia could be hereditary, and that he inherited it? Or are strange things happening in her house?

BJ’s best friends, concerned with his frequent what… hallucinations?… decide that a camping trip to the cabin on the river is in order. They have two goals for the weekend. One is to catch a mess of catfish, and the other is to prove to BJ once and for all that the hallucinations are only the workings of an overactive imagination.

However, before the weekend is over, they will question if they will make it out of the cabin alive.


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