The Shrinkage Situation: A Comedic Novel

| May 6, 2017


After a hometown grocery store’s puzzling acquisition by a pioneering eCommerce conglomerate, one man becomes suspicious when the grocery store’s best employees – including himself – are fired. Shrinkage Situation follows this man’s hilarious and thought-provoking journey to find his footing in a world now dominated by invasive tech start-ups, disinterested millennials, and repulsive health fads.

Grant Taylor loves just two things in the entire world: bacon and his job marking receipts at Mesford Mart, the local family-owned grocery store he has worked at for 22 years. However, Grant’s idyllic world comes crashing down when Not Evil Worldwide (NEW), the largest technology company in the world, acquires Mesford Mart. NEW’s insistence on technical innovation and analytics is a complete 180 from Grant’s old-fashioned values of hard work and excellent customer service. The culture clash peaks when NEW’s analytics technology names Grant as a key reason for the store’s loss of inventory and he is promptly fired.

Aided by Ravina, a sexual harassment lawyer who is equal parts lewd and successful, Grant embarks on a quest to win back his job, to prove his innocence. While investigating, Grant is forced to navigate the job market for the first time in two decades, and is aghast with a job market full of high-tech automation, hipster-owned juice bars, and entry-level jobs requiring a doctorate degree.

Initially viewing his firing as an honest mistake, Grant’s investigation unveils that NEW’s ulterior motives are much more ominous.

Was Grant truly to blame? Or does NEW have ulterior motives that extend beyond Mesford Mart?

The Shrinkage Situation is a comedic novel that mixes humor and thought provocation. And answers the serious questions:

Who are the losers in a world of technological progress?
Is digital social networking tearing us apart?
Is there anything bacon doesn’t taste good with?
What is the difference between foodies and hipsters?

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