Shadows of Home

| May 6, 2017


From the author of Breaking TWIG

A gripping southern tale of rekindled love, heartbreaking betrayal, and the power of secrets to both destroy and bind a family together.

After fleeing to Chicago five years earlier, Elita Dupree returns to her ancestral home on Louisiana’s mysterious Caddo Lake. Now twenty-two, she seeks answers to questions about her father’s death, questions that cast shadows over her childhood memories of him.

On her first trip into the bayous of Caddo Lake, Elita encounters Jax Boudreaux, a shotgun toting loner who warns her to stay out of the Caddo. When Royce Sutton finds her and offers to take her home, Elita is overjoyed, but soon learns that the teenager to whom she’d given her heart is now a bitter young man, scarred by war, and filled with secrets. But no matter how much they’ve changed, they can’t resist their smoldering passions.

As she navigates their turbulent relationship, Elita discovers some of the secrets Royce is keeping involve her family. Trust in the people she loves most erodes with each new unanswered question. The truth lies in the bayous of Caddo Lake, and Elita won’t rest until she finds it. But while she is hunting answers, someone…or something…is hunting her.

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