Restoring Relationships: Healing for the Brokenhearted (Recovery from Codependent Relations) Personal Development Book: How to Be Happy, Feeling Good, Self Esteem, Mental Health

| May 6, 2017


“I am falling into the same pit. I’m exhausted, worn-out and full of indignation. I am surprised by my inability to recognize this street and to pass this infamous pit. I am falling again, get wounded and swallow tears, full of anger at himself, at this bloody pit and the one who made it. I want to see the light, to understand and to learn how to stop on time…”

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Psychology of relations with the opposite sex is interesting for everyone. How to build such behavior pattern that could please everyone, especially you? One should go beyond the rules and constrained behaviors and overcome the habitual scenarios.

I address this book both to men and women which happen really seldom nowadays. It is a manual created both for psychotherapists and for people wishing to get rid of codependency in relations with a partner.

A woman wants to get the ‘real’ man, and a man, to get the ‘real’ woman. How to reach this? How to get balance in complex relations? This book concerns these very complex issues. So, let’s begin.

All of us bring the certain baggage from our childhood. Someone’s baggage contains accurately arranged resources to be spent for development, someone has a chaotic disorder of accumulations in his suitcase. Only with time, the owner of this property will start finding out whether this content is suitable: he will reject something, put something back, make it his own property. Just in childhood, we learn to feel, to assign something, to reject something, and learn how to establish relations with ourselves and others.

Here You Will Learn…

  • A Path to Yourself and to Another Person
  • Paradox of a Codependent Couple
  • Independent Exit from Codependency
  • On Problems of Unhealthy Relations
  • Sexual Dependence: A Reason to Be Proud or to Take Treatment
  • Bonus! How to Exit Codependent Relations Based on the Passion and Rejection (Complete collection – save $2.99)
  • Much, much more! …Free Gift Inside 😉

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