100+ New Knock-Knock Jokes For Kids

| May 6, 2017


Are you looking for a perfect book that will make your kids laugh-out-loud like crazy? This funny joke book for kids is great for early readers. Learning new things and acquiring new reading skills while laughing is so much easier. Your boy or girl will love this jokes book!


What’s inside:

  • Easy-to-read and convenient fonts for beginning readers
  • Simple and funny humor for children of different ages
  • Great book for traveling, waiting rooms, perfect helper and time killer
  • No more tears – this book will make any child happy and will help him/her make new friends
  • Extremely entertaining for a group of children

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Here are a few new jokes from this humor book:

– Knock! Knock!
– Who’s there?
– Deer.
– Deer who?
– Deer is your best friend here and I have an ice cream for you!
– Knock! Knock!
– Who is there?
– Sea.
– Sea who?
– Sea you later in an elevator.
***for soccer/football fans***
– Knock! Knock!
– Who is there?
– Jamie Vardy.
– Jamie Vardy who?
– Jamie, Vardy the chicken cross the road?
***for zombie lovers***
– Knock! Knock!
– Who is there?
– Zombies.
– Zombies who?
– Zombies are endangered species. You should never hurt bees.
***for Darth Vader fans***
– Knock! Knock!
– Who is there?
– Tea.
– Tea who?
– Tea you later, Darth Vader.
***for Thailand and Disney World lovers***
– Knock! Knock!
– Who is there?
– Thailand.
– Thailand who?
– Thailand me some money. Now we can go to Disney World.
***for future filmmakers***
– Knock! Knock!
– Who is there?
– Cameron.
– Cameron who?
– Camera on, I am filming how you are opening that door.
***for pet lovers***
– Knock! Knock!
– Who is there?
– Juicy.
– Juicy who?
– Juicy that your cat is stuck in that tree?

If your kids enjoy these jokes, they will love the book as well! This is a no-brainer!

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