131 More Creative Conversations For Couples

| May 7, 2017


This book of creative questions for couples will show you how to deepen your relationship while creating an abundance of happy memories! First, learn three secrets of happy couples. Then, put them into practice with creative conversation starters. Whether you are newly dating, recently engaged, or already married, this relationship book will infuse your connection with joy and depth!
Warning: If you enjoy dull dates, then this book is not for you! However, if you long for an engaged, vibrant, and intimate relationship, then this book might be exactly what you are searching for! 

Conversation starters include: 

  • Imagine that you have the ability to turn invisible. You can go anywhere, and do anything, completely unseen. How will you use this power?  
  • Describe an event that left you with a positive view of God. First, share what happened, and then tell how this affected you, personally. 
  • If your partner notices that you are having an exceptionally challenging day, how would you like him or her to support you?
These relationship questions will grow your faith and deepen your understanding of your partner, while encouraging laughter and joy!

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