Muffins Cupcakes and Buns: 36 Full Color Fun Recipe Treats for All The Family: English Muffins to Minecraft Spiders. You’re Covered!

| May 7, 2017


“The No.1 The Best Baking Muffin Cupcake and Bun Desserts Recipes Cookbook”

                                                  by Karla Forde

Are You Tired of Boring Biscuit Cookbooks THIS, Cookie Recipe Books THAT, Sugar Cookie recipes THIS, Easy Baking Biscuits THAT, Holiday Cookies…YADA…YADA? 

Its time to dump the cookie eBooks and bring on the Muffin,Cupcakes and Bun desserts book. Bring some muffin, cupcake and bun magic to the annual holidays and family events with this 36 recipes baking bible

These cake recipes are the perfect accompaniment for baking for kids, any party or holiday occasion. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween Weddings or just to simply treat your loved ones with scrumptious muffin, cupcake and bun dessert recipes. Desserts will never be the same again in your household. 

I Have For Many Years Personally Utilized Each and Every One of These Muffin Cupcake And Bun Recipes 

  • The Blueberry Bomb
  • Strawbelicious Cupcakes
  • Morning Miniature Muffins 
  • Kissed by A Butterfly 
  • “Braisen” Muffins
  • Daybreak Delights
  • “Self-Centred” Chocolate Cupcakes
  • Cheeky Choc Chip 
  • Christmas Bliss
  • Snowflake Cupcakes
  • “Sin”amon Blueberry Muffins
  • Coconut Paradise
  • Colour Me Beautiful
  • Double Trouble Chocolate Muffins
  • The Nest of the Best
  • Simnel-y Delicious Cupcakes
  • The Scary Fairy
  • The Ginger Whinger
  • Choc and Horror Muffins
  • Ghostly Gorgeous Cupcakes
  • “The Halle Berry”
  • Traditional Hot Cross Buns
  • The Lady’s Kiss
  • For the Love of Lemons
  • Little Lemon Drizzly Bears
  • Spider Vs Hog Cupcakes
  • Orange County Coconut Muffins
  • Dream Queen Cakes
  • Rumpelstiltskin’s Pumpkin Cupcakes
  • Quick Mini Muffins
  • Raspberry Cores
  • Red Velvet Memories
  • “I Do” Wedding Cupcakes
  • Minecraft Spider Cakes
  • St. Patties Big Ould Buns
  • Between a Rock and a Bun

This ebook is designed to allow you dump the baking stress out of your cake creations and focus on baking professional looking and tasting muffins, cupcakes, and buns by showing you the ingredients you need and how to combine them. 

Make The Perfect Treats Your Family and Friends Will Adore 

  • EASY HEALTHY MEALS: uncover cake desserts recipes that use only nutritious baking ingredients e.g english muffins to hot cross buns
  • HUGE VARIETY: muffin, cupcake and bun desserts recipes for annual occasions e.g. christmas, halloween, weddings,thanksgiving
  • INTUITIVE: serving numbers, preparation and baking times for each muffin, cupcake and bun recipe. Perfect for little ones making muffins with mommy and dads first attempt to make cupcakes for kids.
  • COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS: each muffin, cupcake and bun recipe shows you the end result for all desserts before you even begin
  • CLEANLY FORMATTED: considered and structured formatting that makes content look nice on any device

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