Am I White Or Black: Children’s Book About a Cat Who Teach Cats To Love Each Other Regardless Of Any Differences, Bedtime Story, Preschool Book, Animal Story Book, Baby Books, Kids Book

| May 7, 2017


Stripy is a very handsome cat with beautiful black and white stripes. He is a cool cat from a big town. Stripy is also very, very bright.
One day Stripy visits a smaller town where he meets two new groups of cats. But, when Stripy tries to make new friends, he learns these two groups of cats do not like each other. And worse, they never, ever play together. This is because they are so different. This makes Stripy very sad. How can Stripy teach his new friends it is okay to be different and still be friends?
Follow Stripy’s adventure as he finds a very, very clever way to show his new friends how they too can become good friends.

A fun book to read a-loud for preschoolers or a self-read book for beginner readers

Full page illustrations are on the same pages as story!

Your kids will absolutely love this book… Grab it now and join in the fun!


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