Before Love: Inspirational, Clean Book (Love Kim Series 1)

| May 8, 2017


Her life is a disaster – Kim has to change something fast – will she overcome her personal crisis?

Kim is a young woman making her way in the world. She has a job where she is successful and likes her boss. But she hides her innermost feelings about herself from the rest of the world. Kim battles with a personal problem that is eating her up. She doesn’t have anyone close to her to talk about these things and has reached a crisis point in her life.
Completely despondent about her self-image, Kim feels she will never find love and can’t enjoy her life like other people around her. She feels different from the pretty, successful women she knows. How will anyone love her if she can’t even like herself? In total despair and desperation, Kim stumbles upon a solution to her troubles…will it work?

One reader said: “Beware! After this, everything changes!”

Another said “Thank goodness I found this – it helped me to not go down the wrong path.”

Get your FREE copy of “Before Love” and find out how Kim turns her life around. Kim could be your sister, your mother, your best friend – or perhaps you have felt like Kim sometimes. This is a fiction story with a very powerful and helpful message. Per readers, life is not the same after you read this book. Help yourself and enjoy the read.


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