Quantum Lace

| May 9, 2017


Once upon a time… Sounds like a simple enough way to start a story – and particularly a story about time travel, but what does it mean, ‘once upon a time’? What is time? 

Clocks can tell us what time it is, but they cannot tell us what time is!  

The story of time travel you are about to read, while a work of fiction, is largely based on real science, real people and real events. Where fact leaves off and fiction begins is for you to decide. 
Do a search on just about anything in this book and make up your own mind what is ‘real’. 
For instance
  • Morgan Robertson really did publish a book on the sinking of an ‘unsinkable ship’ that hit an iceberg fourteen years before Titanic; 
  • The edition of “The Time Machine” published by Holt, really did misspell Wells’ name as H.S. Wells and his address listed on the letter sent to Bridgit, was Wells’ actual address at the time; 
  • Lord Brassey really did go off to Australia to become Governor of Victoria and his first wife did die on board the ‘Sunbeam’; 
  • The quotes from Tesla’s presentation are actually verbatim of the words he uttered in 1892; 
  • and the quantum physics mentioned is all real scientific fact as we know it today…  
In this first book of the Quantum Lace series, Lady Bridgit Darnell’s life in 1895 in England is interrupted with what she initially thought was merely a strange dream – a dream in which she meets present-day Markus in South Carolina who tells her not only that quantum physics has shown time-travel is possible, but he outlines how he himself has already been able to travel through time. 
Awaking back in what she recognizes as her own time and place, Bridgit is convinced the vision must have been a fantasy of her own making UNTIL an event occurs that proves the dream was in fact real, and the ripple effect of which alters Bridgit’s life forever…


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