Created to Crave

| May 10, 2017


God gave us food to satisfy and sustain us, not to stumble us. So why do we have uncontrollable cravings? Why is there a constant battle raging over what we eat? So many things influence what we put into our mouths. Our mood influences our choice of food. Our food choices influence our mood.

We need to eat to live, but is your desire for food having an undue influence on your life? If so, this book is for you. In it, Dr. Callahan will answer questions such as: Why do we crave certain foods? How do we bring our body, mind, and heart into the unity that God intended? How can we win the battle for our belly?

Maybe you’ve asked God to take away your cravings for junk food. Perhaps you’ve asked Him to remove your desire for certain foods that you just can’t seem to resist. What if the solution isn’t a reduced desire for junk food, but instead, the real answer is an increased desire for God? Only He can satisfy. And He promises to do just that, but only if we look to Him as our Sustainer.

Using food to dull the hurt or soothe the stress isn’t the answer. He is!

Dr. Callahan shares her extensive experience as a nutritionist and chiropractor to help women overcome emotional eating. She reveals the link between your mood and the food you desire and shows how hormones play a huge part in what you eat. She reveals what the Bible says about your struggle with food and the amazing promises that God gives in His Word.

You’ll learn how stress and hormones play a role in emotional eating. You’ll be taught how to identify other triggers that cause overwhelming cravings. You’ll learn how food sensitivities play a role in cravings and how to identify and avoid them. And you’ll learn how to redirect your desires, giving God the place He deserves in your life.

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