The Secret Life of Molly Rosenblum

| September 20, 2013


The Secret Life of Molly Rosenblum

Molly Rosenblum, adorably eccentric retired cartoonist (readers will lol at the 29 cartoons scattered throughout the book), has spent the last three years not getting over the loss of her husband, Seymour. Molly’s long-standing affair with denial is rudely interrupted when she finds herself suspected of committing murder in the handicapped dressing room at Marshalls.

Nothing Molly has experienced since she moved to sunny Delray Beach has made her feel quite so good as wondering when she will be tossed into the back of a Delray Beach police car. Certainly, Molly’s renewed joie de vivre has nothing to do with handsome but irritating, arrogant, annoying, clothes horse Harold Golden, who has volunteered to help her solve the case.


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  1. Hi Emma,

    Thanks for posting my novel here! I just wanted to let you know that The Secret Life of Molly Rosenblum is FREE again from today, Sept. 19th, to Sept 22nd.

    Also, I gave a fun interview on the Books & Tales Blog last week–Check it out:


  2. Emma says:

    Hi Elliot, great interview. I’ll feature your book again tomorrow. Cheers, Emma 🙂