The Tipsy Dating Counselor

| May 10, 2017


Do you find dating nowadays is tiresome and less than appealing? Does it seem easy to get the quantity, but not the quality? Want to do something about it? Well shake things up and have a sit down with Nicki Grace. Her refreshing approach is unimaginably helpful. There’s only one small thing we should mention… she drinks during the session.

But don’t let that deter you. Somehow, her untraditional style offers a unique twist to those seeking advice and a new perspective. Instead of the same old boring lectures you’re use to, you’ll enjoy a highly random, serious, but comedic and lovable read.
Her erratic method keeps you on your toes with vulgar, humorous straight-talk that reminds you of a bad-ass best friend.

She casually uses basic life examples, paired with ridiculously simple solutions to tackle the possible reasons behind the dating issues women face. Assuming she can focus, she may actually give some lucky readers some help… instead of sounding like a person that needs help, herself.

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