Blue Meat Blues

| May 11, 2017


A splatterpunk love letter to misanthropy. A cocktail of sociopathy and vague spiritual ennui. A dumpster full of human meat.

For one pill-popping vigilante; murder, revenge and mayhem are the core components of a happy life – until the arrival of a fake “holy man” threatens to poison our hero’s bizarre and violent fantasy world with the old world horrors of peace, love and morality.

Blue Meat Blues is a noir adventure through a bizarro, post-apocalyptic world. No zombies. No fascist military oppressors. Just one man with zero impulse control and his unrelenting, violent search for kicks and the growth of his sick, narcissistic personal brand. A thriller that explores the twisted mindset of a world over which death holds no sway, and all that remains is a gritty battle between the id and ego.

The world has been washed away in an apocalypse of burning tar – the nightmares of bureaucracy, social constraints and arbitrary moral systems are all but dead.

Part serial killer, part bartender, full-time ultraviolence enthusiast – our hero lives on the extreme fringes of morality. The only true crime is boredom.

For our hero, this urban dystopia is a beautiful and violent cycle of amphetamines, chaos and shine.

And life couldn’t be better.

But nothing lasts forever – and the animal desire to cluster into disgusting “societies” and enforce arbitrary “justice” and “morals” is a habit that dies hard.

When the ugly face of humanity begins disturbing the dark balance of life; it’s time to take up the tyre iron – pop a couples of blues – and toss a few do-gooders in the meat bin.

But the New World is cruel, and beyond the dystopian comfort of the city a brutal breed of life is growing – one that will threaten the survival of even the most violent sociopath.

Channel your inner sadomasochist, chew those amphetamines to dust – and crack some skulls in the name of chaos.

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