| May 13, 2017


In America’s Last Days, only the Steadfast will prevail!

In STEADFAST BOOK ONE of The Steadfast Series, a post-apocalyptic novella by D.I. TELBAT, author of The COIL Series, a virus has ravaged America. There is no Internet, no federal government, no safety. Bandits and renegades roam and loot. Fresh water and food are scarce. What the pandemic didn’t kill, panic in the aftermath has destroyed. Millions are dead.

Eric Radner is one of the survivors. For five years, he has hidden alone in the mountains of Wyoming. Now, a cautious run for supplies changes everything. His safe refuge, while waiting for Christ to return, is disrupted by a call that tests his faith. Others will die unless he responds and stands against a new breed of evil.

This novella series follows a Christian survivalist through the heartache and heroism of living in America’s collapsed economy, following a pandemic scenario. Christian persecution abounds and fear cripples, but one man rises above the uncertain past and looks to a certain future in the hands of a Mighty God.

In the midst of America’s Last Days, Eric Radner is . . . STEADFAST!

Included: FREE map downloads, note from the author, character sketch, and glossary. Cover design by Quest Publications. STEADFAST Book Two is next in The Steadfast Series.

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