The Wrong Crowd: Three Short Stories (Short Story Collection Book 1)

| May 12, 2017


This book, the first volume of the Short Story Collection, features the following stories:

  • Member of the Board
  • No Good Club
  • Hell on Earth

The thought-provoking short stories in this anthology delve into the human condition, shedding light on the confines of the mind in a variety of disturbing circumstances. The characters within, whether corrupt and sinister, innocent and frail, or heroic and humble, will keep you hooked and wanting more. And don’t worry—more stories are on the way!

Member of the Board

You can easily picture him: Newton Paris, rich businessman, has it all but still wants more. To be precise, he wants to live forever.

For the past twenty-five years, he has devoted himself to W.E. Corp as one of the company’s top executives, hoping to receive a promotion to the Board of Directors upon his physical death. But his boss has just denied that promotion yet again, and he’s ready to accept his failure.

Then he learns of a crafty and elusive gentleman’s club that can get him what he wants. After he makes a phone call, it seems that things finally start to go right. The promotion will be his in no time at all.

But the closer he gets to victory, the closer he gets to discovering the deceptive truth behind the club—one that will pit his immortality against others’, endangering his life and the future that he has worked so hard to achieve.

No Good Club

Jack’s a regular guy. He has a job driving for JustDrive, so he picks people up, takes them where they need to go, and gets paid a few bucks to do it. Everyone is happy.

One day, he gets a mysterious ride request. But the ride tips him well, courtesy of an unfamiliar No Good Club, and he thinks little of it.

That is, until he gets kicked out of his girlfriend’s apartment for snooping on her and has no money and nowhere else to stay. Worse yet, his phone plan is under his girlfriend’s name, and he’s not exactly expecting to see her again.

So, No Good Club. Curiosity piqued, he looks it up and finds an online game that allows users to create jobs and complete the jobs of others. He can work more, make more money, and manage life on his own—all while playing a game. And get this: He can even ask people to commit crimes for him. Cool, he goes nuts with it. Who wouldn’t?

Exactly. He starts receiving more requests, serious ones. And when he refuses, a certain ex shows up to teach him a lesson, making him think twice about No Good Club. Jack must escape its grasp, but is it already too late?

Hell on Earth

The Rapture has finally happened, and Jess has been left behind. With the world unraveling around her, she tries to find meaning in her final days. Instead, resentment consumes her. She has been taking care of her decaying parents for twenty years. She has dedicated her professional life to helping mentally ill people lead normal lives. All this while raising three sons with a husband who would rather spend nights working overtime than being with his family.

Since God will not reward her, Jess takes matters into her own hands. She will not waste her remaining time on Earth. She makes it her mission to find everyone she has helped along the way and take back what she is owed. Those for whom she sacrificed so much will become her slaves.

But as her thirst for cruelty grows, as she tortures and humiliates the people she once loved, her grip on reality loosens. How far is she willing to go? Can she retain control, or will her subjugates put an end to her wicked deeds?

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