Author interview with Raúl Sánchez Gilo of ‘Sell More and Better, Eternal Sales Techniques beyond Internet’

Author Interview with Raúl Sánchez Gilo

You don’t need fancy persuasion tactics, a perfect sales pitch or be the best salesman in the world. You need eternal sales techniques that will always work for those new in sales, experts needing a refresher and anyone interested in selling. When fiction meets the art of selling the result is an entertaining and original sales book. Practical and effective, it will motivate and inspire you through principles, ideas, a lot of humor, and surprising concepts. Discover the Tiger’s value, the secrets of the old Book and the Samurai’s mission!



Tigers, a Samurai spirit and selling. What do these three have in common? They are all the players in the book ‘Sell More and Better, Eternal Sales Techniques beyond Internet’ that I will be discussing today with its author Raúl Sánchez Gilo. Raúl, thanks for sharing your skill in sales with me today. Now, I just have to ask, how did these diverse characters like the Tiger and the Samurai come to you?           

Well, one of the characters is an old spirit of a Samurai… I did not go for him, he came to me because he needed something from me … and I’ll leave it there…



Ahh, keeping the intrigue alive. Okay, so without reveal all of the secrets within these pages, what was the primary point that you wanted to share with readers?           

Well, besides the educational point of view which is writing about selling and sales techniques, I wanted to share something different: I have read quite a few classics sales books throughout my life, and found all of them heavy and boring, regardless of whether they could be applicable. My new book brings that differential point, a sales book that is neither boring nor heavy and therefore easy to read for those people who have not read or do not want to read a sales book for these reasons (although they could need it). The best approach for this target is with a story, storytelling, and that’s what it’s all about, mixing fiction and commercial science to make it funny and learning how to sell in an entertaining way. In that sense, it is also perfect for sales training and coach sales teams.



In this book you’ve got those two sides, the fictional that is obviously represented by you characters like the Tiger and the Samurai, and the commercial science side came from your knowledge of classical sales techniques. Did you also have your personal experiences supporting that commercial science side?

Yes, I’ve got a long experience in exporting technical products to more than 60 countries, throughout Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Eastern Europe, and now I am glad to share what has been very useful to me throughout my career, knowing what has really worked, and what has not.



It sounds like you have a mix of technical and sales experiences. How would you describe yourself?

I am engineer, traveller, salesman, chess player and writer. And not necessarily in that order!




Of course everything influences my writing, but it depends on the day.



I’m loving that combination and I’m glad to see chess player has risen up there as well. It should give you some good tactical insights. Have you been enticed by your wonderful mix of skills to start work on a new book?

Right now I am fully busy with the promotion of this initial book, but plan to write the second volume of the series (they are independent anyway).



Good luck with both the promotion and the second volume of the series. Before you get started on that second volume, I’d love to know how that first volume developed. Did you start writing with a clear goal in mind, or did it ebb and flow as you progressed?           

The direction always changes during the writing process, characters catch you and they go where they want, even if you do not want!



*Laughs* It’s always a challenge keeping track of those characters! Other than keeping an eye out on those characters, do you have any tips for authors looking to self-publish?           

The advice is that it is not as difficult as it seems at first, so I encourage any author to keep going at all times. At first it always seems uphill, but at the end it’s flat!



And I hope that you’ve got a great view on that flat outlook. Turning a little bit more towards the personal side for the final few questions, what is your favourite quote that you think shapes your outlook on life?

“Everything you can buy with money is cheap”



That statement is very true, although you can buy pets with money and I’m not sure you’ll find them cheap in any sense of the word! Moving away from money and onto skill preferences. Are you left or right handed?

I’m left handed, but since we are using computers for everything, I’m not so sure now, it’s been a long time since I wrote by hand!



*Laughs* You too! I hope that your handwriting doesn’t look as bad as mine does these days! And finally, to entice the readers to get into your book a little more, can you leave us with your favourite, most intriguing line from your book.

“The Tiger’s value is in his eyes”



Raúl, thanks for sharing some snippets of value within the Tiger’s eyes today, and I wish you the best of luck on your authorship adventure.


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