Quick Start Marketing Guide: Marketing Guide for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

| May 13, 2017


Quick Start Marketing Strategy Guide is a simple marketing plan to grow your business, build traffic and gain customers. If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur and need help growing your business, this book is for you!

The right marketing strategy is critical to the survival to the of your business and marketing can be an overwhelming challenge for a business owner. I have written this quick start guide as an essential guide to what you need to do to build your brand, develop social media and directory profiles, gain rankings on local search engines, build traffic and customers.

Whether your business is a local restaurant, retail store, home cleaning service, construction company, doctors office, or lawyer firm, your marketing strategies can make or break your business. Marketing your business can be time-consuming and expensive. This Guide can help you make the most of your marketing plan whether you are a DIY marketer or hiring a marketing agency.

Marketing Strategies:
~Search Engine Optimization
~Search Engine Marketing
~Digital Marketing
~Email Marketing
~Local Search Marketing
~Social Media Marketing

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