The Science of Online Business Development

| May 13, 2017


This book would cover the following topics – Advanced SEO Tactics, Buyer Persona creation guide, Growth Hacking, Digital Asset creation guide, Eye opening Facts and figures about the digital world, Steps for increasing online engagement and branding and more. This book is for the entrepreneur, technical and non-technical professionals, people in business (small and big), for corporate and start-ups alike; who are looking towards creating a flawless ecosystem of digital assets which continuously and passively works towards achieving business goals. This book does not only cover the strategy required to successfully create, execute and implement the online business ecosystem but also cover the basics that are required to be refreshed for professionals in same domain or industry but also for those who are dealing with online ecosystem for the first time. I have deliberately made this book in the form of a quick guide and avoided philosophical content elaboration as for people in business and professionals alike; time is money. And this book would ensure that you hit the target in a matter of 30 days. Yes, 30 days is all it would take for you to build your online ecosystem to perfection. This is perfect for enthusiast who wants to grow in online business.

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