Stories From A Starseed: Intergalactic Storyteller – Sabrina Brightstar

| May 14, 2017


Stories from a Starseed offers insight into connection with your Multidimensional Self. This book explores the concept of awakening or remembering your connection to lives across the universe and beyond.

This illuminating assembly of experiences gives you an appreciation of the signs you ought to be aware of in order to achieve your higher state of consciousness and become one with your multi-dimensional reality. 

Stories from Starseed sheds light on the question, “Who am I? Where do I come from? What is my mission?” Questions which remain unanswered by the conventions of contemporary civilization. This book may inspire you to want to explore your own story, and discover your own answers.

The knowledge of the starseeds goes far beyond what we understand life to mean. It is much more than birth, struggle and toil, moments of mirth and sorrow, punctuated by death and eternal darkness. This book will help you extract meaning from your presence and open a portal to other worldly dimensions, states of being and your true, multidimensional self

Order Stories from Starseed now and open yourself to the possibilities of an existence that expands the body, mind and spirit.


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