Same Heartbeat

| May 15, 2017


Do we all have the opposite person who have the same heartbeat with us?
Ayesha Chan did everything for her family. She is the kind of girl who will do the good things, and never do the bad ones. She can be every man’s ideal woman, but among all the man around her, she could only see one man—and he was her first love. She loves him, he likes her but that was not enough to have a perfect love.
One day, she happened to have a fiancé who will love her even in just a short period time but she can’t love him back. Then that time, she met the woman she thought his first love’s only love and that made her feel to ignore her first love.
Whom would she choose? Her first love whom she is not sure what he feels for her, or her fiancé who love her without asking anything in return?

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