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| May 16, 2017


“I wrote this book with the hope of helping you see life in a new perspective. By opening your eyes and “awakening” to the reality of your current world, even a small epiphany can change the direction of your life.” – Tracy L. Todaro

Do you feel stuck on the merry go round of life? Are you wondering why your life no longer seems to be working? Are you are tired of getting caught up in the same behaviors and cycles even though you continue to do something different? Do you want Love, Wealth, and Happiness although you just can’t achieve it? FORGET WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW!

Throughout this book you will learn how false or limiting beliefs and old programming is keeping you from the life you desire. With excerpts of Life Inspired Wisdom, Author and Life Transition Coach, Tracy, does an outstanding job in helping you understand how your subconscious mind is actually holding you back from achieving the things that you really want in your life.

In these pages you will discover:

•How to create an amazing new reality by becoming aware of your self-defeating and limiting behaviors
•How to expect the unexpected and open yourself up to miracles in your life
•Why your intuitive mind (intuition) is where your genius resides
•How to put an end to your own personal suffering and consistently invite happiness
•How to regain your power and break free from situations and relationships that control you
•How to realize your greatness and open yourself up to wealth and prosperity

Tracy Todaro is a Certified Life Coach is a Colorado native and resides in Arizona. She spends her time writing and helping clients work through major life transitions and subconscious blocks. She enjoys skiing, yoga and spending time with her family. Her legacy is to inspire, empower and motivate others to alter limiting beliefs and breakthrough subconscious barriers helping them create the incredible life they are meant to have.

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