The Dragon Chronicles: Story of a Japanese Girl Who Discovers the Ancient Past of Her Family

| May 17, 2017



The Dragon Chronicles

Risa is an average girl. She navigates the halls of school and dreams of simple pleasures like ice cream. But when Risa’s father’s job summons the family back to Japan, her ordinary life soon becomes something else entirely. Whispers of something dark abound in the villages that still cling to the feudal traditions. Men with high power and seemingly limitless funds are taking control, and taking a price from the villagers that they oversee. As Risa becomes more established in her Japanese homeland, questions begin arising that those around her are unable, or unwilling to explain. Who are the samurai-like warriors lurking in the woods around her house, and why are they watching Risa? What connection do they have to her Japanese-American boyfriend, who has followed her from the States? And how does all of this tie into Risa’s childhood amnesia?

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