Warrior Cats: Taken

| May 19, 2017


Kidnapped. Engaged to her enemy. Will were-cat blood be the key to her escape, or her prison?

Kidnapped by a sinister werewolf bent on forcing Zoe to be his bride, it will take all of this young were-cat’s strength to escape. Or die trying. But when secrets are revealed, the chains of her past make a difficult situation even more complicated. Will Zoe escape the clutches of her evil captor? Or is she doomed to a horrifying union. Find out in Warrior Cats: Taken, Episode 2 of the Warrior Cats serial.

Warrior Cats is a serialized young adult, paranormal novella sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and turning pages. If you love tough cat-shifters taking a bite out of evil, join Zoe and her sister Saffron in this exciting paranormal story.

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