The Broken Men

| July 16, 2013


The Broken Men

Michael Marshall Smith…
“Brutal and uncompromising, with unforgettable characters and real emotional punch – BROKEN MEN raises the bar on how good intelligent action thrillers can be.”

The Review (London)…
“Tragic, blood-curdling and extraordinary, Marten-Zerf has been there and it shows. His urgent choppy dialect and evocative language brings the story to life in the way that very few other authors can. For fans of action thrillers everywhere.”

‘On February 11th 1990 Nelson Mandela was released from Victor Verster prison bringing a final and irrevocable end to over a quarter of a century war in the Southern African region.’

THE BROKEN MEN – The best of boyhood friends, Leon and Pete, grow up in South Africa during the hatred and turmoil of the Apartheid era. Like every other white male between the ages of sixteen and sixty-five they are conscripted into the army in order to fight for the continuance of the white regime.
In this maelstrom of Apartheid and war the two friends become the most deadly of enemies. Together they are drawn into a path of death, violence and brutality that spans the oceans from Southern Africa to the United Kingdom.
The death of a way of life.
The death of a country.
And the birth of a new nation.


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