The Swallows and the Doves are Friends

| July 16, 2013


The Swallows and the Doves are Friends

Teach your children the importance of appreciating one another!

Every person is different. We can be so different in many ways, yet be alike in so many other ways. It’s our differences and similarities that make each one of us unique and because every person is one of a kind, we are able to appreciate our diversity as humans.

Our differences can keep us apart and create division, if we allow it. But, if we learn to appreciate how different we are from one another, whether it be in race, in religion, in personality traits or in whatever way, then our diversity can bring us together and we can connect and form meaningful relationships.
Mother Nature has a wonderful way of showing us how different we are and how similar. With the animals, in particular, their behavior and personality is a wonderful showcase of how one group can be very similar and very different from another. Yet, in spite of their differences, they try to get along.

I’m different. You’re different. It’s definitely okay to be different. Even though we are different, we can get along. That is what the swallows and the doves can teach us in this book. I hope you and your kids will enjoy!


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