| May 20, 2017


A man with a one last wish. An adventure with an unusual twist. A triumph of the human spirit.

When sixty-year-old Tom Jenkins is diagnosed with terminal acute leukemia, he hopes for a miracle, but the effects of countless blood transfusions are no longer working. His time on this earth is coming to an end. A widower of a few years Tom refuses to wallow in self pity.

Determined to die standing up,Tom decides to run his own marathon through his hometown, knowing full-well that it may kill him. Tom Jenkins is living on borrowed time, and he knows it. There isn’t anymore time to waste. He’s determined to spend what time he has left doing something he’s never done before – run a marathon.

26.2 miles would be an extraordinary feat for anyone, but for Tom, it means the difference between going out flat on his back or leaving a legacy a lasting legacy behind. Along the way, he meets reconnects with quirky characters, the unlikeliest of companions, and learns valuable lessons about what it is to dream, love, play and embrace the complexities of a life well-lived. Can he reach his goal before it’s too late?

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