The Escape (The Martin Ranch Saga Book Book 3)

| May 21, 2017


Historical Western Romance Novels: The Escape

He almost runs her down…


When Michael’s horse almost rides over Chloe in the middle of the plain, he doesn’t

quite know what to make of her! Realising that she needs help, he takes her to the Martin Ranch,

where his brother Christopher and sister in law, Eliza, live.

Chloe has been desperately trying to get away from her fiancé, who has kept her trapped

in his home ever since she arrived as his mail order bride.  With no idea where to go,

she accepts Michael’s offer of help and is soon enjoying life at the Martin Ranch.

Attraction begins to blossom into love as Chloe and Michael spend more time together.

Unfortunately for them both, Chloe’s fiancé is hunting for her, and the contract she’s signed means there’s no way out….unless they can find it and destroy it.

The Escape is an old west novel, set in the heart of Texas.

If you like historic fiction with a touch of romance, then you’ll love this book and the Martin Ranch Series at large!

Read Chloe and Michael’s story today!



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