Damn the Diets: How to Recover from Restrictive Diets, Dogmas, Eating Disorders and Body Degrading.

| May 25, 2017


Were your intentions for Diet or Lifestyle changes to:

  • get healthy and/or fit


  • eat clean or pure


  • eat the most so called optimal diet for human beings


  • finally heal your nagging health problem(s)


  • do what’s best for the environment


  • look like that person on Social Media


  • or to just lose a few more pounds…



Yet ended up sacrificing your health in order to live up to specific standards according to modern diet culture, beauty standards, gurus, or the health and fitness industry?

Dieting in any form is associated with poor physical and mental health, extreme weight and shape dissatisfaction (body shaming), and an insatiable appetite (bingeing).

After almost a decade immersed in Orthorexia, Anorexia, Bulimia, Fitness Modeling and Competing, Kayla has permanently overcome them all, reclaiming her life, joy, and health…

Although we live in a society with a “quick fix mentality,” Dieting is not a long-term solution. Are you ready to recover your metabolism, let go of the restrictions, get past the food fears, and redevelop a healthy relationship with food, as well as with your body?


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