International Complex

| May 22, 2017


South America. 1982.

An ancient Tribe of the Amazon, untouched by civilisation, encounters an American mining company.

Tumbenko, leader of the Ancient Valley Tribe, sits high atop a mountain and watches as the dust trail of the miners’ automobiles rises across the Great Plain of the Dead. That desert where the Tribe’s ancestors walk, free from the rushing concerns of the living.

Tumbenko and his hunter comrades track the miners and discover some of the wonders of the modern world. Automobiles whose tyre tracks carve artwork in the sand. Metallic spades that can cut deep and quick into the ground. Incredible plastic chairs that can be used to sit upon and relax. The Tribe are astounded at the helpful friendliness of the miners and welcome them with open arms.

But soon the noise of the excavations proves disruptive for the peaceful rest of the Tribe’s ancient Ancestors…


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