Internet MBA: How To Start A Software Business (Without Writing A Line Of Code)

| May 23, 2017


How would it feel to walk out of your corporate office for the final time?
Or are you sick and tired of undifferentiated online business models that create no long term value?
Or are you tired of looking for a tech cofounder to get your startup idea off the ground?

You are in the right place…

Internet MBA: How To Start A Software Business (Without Writing A Line Of Code) will walk you through a revolutionary, proven process for starting a software business, regardless of whether you have an awesome idea, a large bank account and without you having to write code.

Previously, the ability to create a software company was restricted to coders with access to venture capital, though now as technology advances… the barriers to entry have dropped JUST enough for the ambitious entrepreneur to take advantage of a shared services and a global talent pool.

The main issue now becomes navigating the treacherous obstacles that await the entrepreneur on the road to building an automated value/cash producing system.

Fortunately, Tom has spent the past 4 years making all the mistakes, so that you don’t have to.

You may be stuck in a soulless corporate career, looking for a new innovative and profitable Internet business model or want to launch your startup.

Regardless… you need a process.

You need to step by step, proven process to follow that will take you by the hand and guide you through the treacherous jungle that is the Internet in 2017.

There are few business models that offer both profitability and differentiation to the same extent as Software As A Service.

And the best part?

When your value/cash producing system is operating effectively… this system is extremely value to potential acquirers, as you the owner… are not directly involved with the value creation process.

(Oh and by the way… this is how almost anyone get’s rich… by selling a cash producing asset)

And who better to learn from than someone who has made ALL of the mistakes before?

Wait… who is this Tom Hunt guy?

After studying Chemistry @ Imperial College London Tom went to work for the Big 4 Accounting Company E&Y and global management consulting firm Accenture.

The only issue was… he didn’t give a sh*t about the work.

After 2 years in the corporate world, things had to change…

And they did, when he sold his first pair of male leggings to someone that we didn’t know through the internet in 2013 (find out how in the book ;)).

Tom then spent the next 4 years investing a disproportionate amount of his time in building internet businesses.

This journey has lead Tom to speak at a TEDx event about failure, pitch to the Dragons’ in male leggings and travel the world, all whilst building, scaling and selling internet businesses.

You will learn:

• My personal productivity rituals that enable me to run 4 different online businesses and still have time for gym/yoga/friends/hobbies
• The exact process Tom goes through when searching for new software business ideas (so you can pick out your own awesome idea)
• The ONLY 4 methods you can use to build the first iteration of your software product
• How to work effectively with an outsourced development team to build your product at a fraction of the cost of an onshore agency
• How to find your first Beta Testers and initial customers for free (and get them to actually use your product)
• A step by step process to convert those first users into paying customers (within weeks of starting development)
• A foolproof strategy to growing from your first 10 customers up to 100 (with little investment in advertising)

Follow the process in this book and with Tom’s guidance you will have a software business with paying customers in the next 4 weeks.

What’s stopping you from building a business that will provide you the time and financial freedom you deserve?

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