Avoidables 1-3

| May 23, 2017


Like all Avoidables, I’ve been consumed by hate for a race that rejects us so heartlessly. I’ve become dangerous.

With only one arm, my world in limited. Not only with what I can and can’t do, but with my whole life. You see, I’m an Avoidable. A person who’s deemed less than beautiful. Which means I get to live on Lower Side, the place reserved for those of us who don’t pass the Perfects test.

My rebellious side has me venturing over to Upper Side, where the Perfects live. Their part of the city is luxurious, while we live in filth. Even meeting Jason, a Perfect who uncovers who I really am, doesn’t stop me from detesting his kind. If they can’t change their view, we’ll have to change it for them.

This is 1-3 in the Avoidables series, following Hope, Purple and Jason.


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