The First Two Immortal Prophecy Novels of The Gurruffallo Series: Atleah/Trinket Holder Fantasy Adventure Collection

| May 24, 2017


This fantasy, adventure is the first collection in the Gurruffallo Series. It includes Atleah, Book 1, and Trinket Holder, Book 2.

Rhionan, a centuries old immortal, has discovered that she is the center of a Prophecy, but as she grows to accept this truth in her long life the Dark Shadow of Eight is growing stronger. Rhionan will have to discover the meaning of the Prophecy while learning the role she is pre-ordained to accept. A loyal group of followers has gathered to assist her, but will they be too late?

While Rhionan struggles to obtain the Trinket that controls the Prophecy, two suitors will compete for her affection.

In a strange land, surrounded by mystical creatures, will the Shadow of Eight prevail, sending the world into chaos, or will Rhionan regain her Trinket and fulfill the Prophecy that claimed her life?

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