The Vincent Du Maurier Trilogy

| May 24, 2017


“Science fiction and horror fans alike will anxiously race toward this journal’s end … and eagerly request the next installment.” Publishers Weekly

Book 1
In the days of the bloodless, a healthy human is a vampire’s most valuable resource. But they are in short supply and Vincent Du Maurier is hungry. Evelina could be the last human being alive–and she’s pregnant–which makes her situation most inconvenient for Vincent. As he struggles to keep her and her unborn child from both the growing population of bloodless and his own kin, he faces the most difficult choice of his long life — whether to give in to his hunger and risk a destiny more bleak than Hades, or deny his nature and become something far worse than dead … a compassionate vampire.

Book 2
Blood flows freely in Empress Cixi’s den but it’s not everything it appears to be, especially the donors. As guest on her ship, Vincent has a secret to learn, a mystery to solve, and a novice to save.

All the while, Evelina must adjust to her awakening, discovering her new gifts, and how to be a fierce competitor, as the ship of vampires proves an unforgiving place.

Book 3
After he discovers Byron’s letters to a mysterious associate, Vincent Du Maurier is put in the precarious position of saving a dying world, one he had a hand in killing. But at the start of this third book, the days of the bloodless are past, and Vincent is living in a new age. He has a story to tell, a future to plan, and a new enemy to destroy.

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