Author interview with Jane Neish of ‘Why It’s Hard To Quit Sugar: How Sugar Changes Your Brain To Create Your Cravings, Steal Your Willpower, Alter Your Diet & Replace Your Habits’

Author Interview with Jane Neish

If you find sugar hard to quit – however hard you try – this book is for you. You don’t need to battle your cravings and you don’t need to give up your treats to get your cravings under control because sugar is not the problem. If it was, then we would all experience cravings for it – but we don’t. It’s actually your uncontrollable desire to consume sugar that is the problem. And your desire to consume sugar is created by your brain. This book explains how your brain creates the three traps – Willpower, Withdrawal and Want – that stop you from taking control of your sugar consumption and it reveals why you must switch off your brain’s need for sugar to regain control, instead of trying to switch off the supply of sugar that your brain needs.



Are you trapped into a corner by sugar? Or would you just like to why your brain doesn’t want you to reduce the amount of sugar in your diet? Today Jane Neish has joined me today to chat about her book ‘Why It’s Hard To Quit Sugar: How Sugar Changes Your Brain To Create Your Cravings, Steal Your Willpower, Alter Your Diet & Replace Your Habits’ and will hopefully impart some wisdom as to how to how to beat the sugar demon. Jane, I’m sure that was research a large component of finding out how to conquer the sugar demon. Where and when did you start you research into the world of sugar?

I’ve spent a lifetime researching this book! I don’t just have one ‘Sweet Tooth’ I have a whole mouthful of them and it took me decades to learn how to switch my cravings off. It then took me several years to work out why the solution works.



*Laughs* I think that there’s many people out there who would agree they also have a mouthful of sweet teeth, and stopping the cravings for every single one of them is incredibly difficult. What was the most intriguing insight that you found from your sugar explorations that you feel is most important to be shared?

Resisting your sugar cravings is a losing battle – to regain control you must switch them off.



Was providing the reader with a pathway to switch off their cravings the most satisfying element of this overall writing project for you, or were you struck by something else?

The best thing is helping someone to understand that you don’t give in to your cravings because you lack commitment – sugar can switch your willpower off.



Is this the end of your sugar crusade, or are you working on a new project to combat the depths of sugar cravings?

The second book in the series is ‘The Easy Way To Quit Sugar’ because once you understand how you are creating your cravings you can take action to switch them off. Readers of this book can register for a free copy of this book prior to its launch.



That’s a wonderful opportunity for readers, and I hope that they take advantage of this offer if they are interested in combating the sugar problems in their lives. As you’ve written more than once book within this space, I wonder what keeps you coming back to writing?

Writing a book has helped me to reach people around the world. Helping just one person would have made the book worthwhile but being able to help many more has been really gratifying.



Creating connections with readers really is an amazing gift of being an author, and I hope that you are able to keep making new reader connections. What keeps you coming back to the word processor time after time to ensure that you are able to create new works that will connect with readers?

I prefer to work outside in sunshine but I live in the UK so the sun doesn’t often oblige!



I have more sun here than I can handle, so I’d be happy to trade a sunny day for an overcast one. I’ll see what I can arrange. Before you return to your sugar fighting world, I’d like to spend a few minutes finding out a little bit more about the sugar loving person behind the author through the quirkiness of the quick fire round. Let’s kick it off with: What is your zodiac sign?

I’m a Libra – the sign that is known for its love of sweet things!



*Laughs* Have you tangoed in the snow?

My dog used to love the snow so we would always dance in it – we weren’t really up to the tango though!



I’ll give you half a point for that, because I’m sure that your dog would have loved to join in a tango if only the two of you could get dancing lessons to improve your steps. What is your favourite Jellybean flavour/ colour?

I was never very interested in jellybeans even when I was hooked on sugar – I would have been too worried that I was giving up space that could be filled by chocolate….



Ahhh, so the truth comes out! It’s the sugar in the chocolate that’s a hard temptation. What is your favourite word?

Gdansk – it’s just an interesting sound!



That is an interesting sound! What is your best tip for authors?

Keep going. It’s worth it in the end.



Awww, I love to hear that an author believes their efforts are worth it! Finally, could you share one a line from your book to entice our readers to take advantage of your efforts into the depths of sugar?

You need to remove your brain’s need for sugar, instead of trying to remove the sugar that your brain needs.



Jane, thanks for sharing your experiences within the worlds of sugar and writing with me today, and I wish you the best of luck with sharing you sugar free message with the world!



Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘Why It’s Hard To Quit Sugar: How Sugar Changes Your Brain To Create Your Cravings, Steal Your Willpower, Alter Your Diet & Replace Your Habits ( ASIN: B01ND139RR )‘.

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