The Gifts that Lie Hidden within Difficult Emotions (Part 2): Feeling Stuck and Frustrated

| May 27, 2017


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  • Are you feeling stuck in life? Frustrated with a lack of progress?
  • Are you creatively blocked?
  • Do you struggle with your anger?

In this book, you will discover how you can work with your feelings of stuckness and frustration, and how you can turn them around to your benefit. Habitual mental/emotional patterns such as irritation, impatience, and anger, which can bring about great distress for ourselves and others are also addressed. This is a book on how you can get to the heart of these challenging emotion states to find their intrinsic gifts.



From the back cover–

Discover and uncover the hidden narrative within difficult mental and emotional states

In some self-help and meditation circles, it’s common to hear the refrain, “Just sit with your feelings.” What’s often left unsaid is how each emotion has its own signature movement or “story to tell.” In other words, sitting with confusion is different from sitting with anger, which is different from sitting with loneliness, and so on. Not only does each emotion have its own distinct narrative and manner of unraveling, but each has its own unique gift to impart to those who are patient enough to sit through the unfolding.

In each of these short books, I focus in on a specific emotional and mental state and present a map of the terrain you’ll likely traverse when you eventually do sit with and process that particular emotion at hand.

My hope is that you’ll find inspiration and value to sit with and to digest these difficult emotional and mental states as they arise and offer their hidden and sometimes surprising gifts.


  • The ebook is free with purchase of the paperback.


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