The Lunar Effect 3: Origin (The Prequel Lengthen Edition)

| May 26, 2017


Anna’s heart was pounding so hard in her chest she wasn’t sure if she could even manage to speak. His eyes were still locked in on hers and she couldn’t bring herself to look away, and yet, with each passing second she found herself being pulled more and more under his spell.
He was intoxicating.
No man had ever had this kind of effect on her before, and even though she wanted to give herself over to it…

She had never seen a beast quite like it, and as she stepped backwards, trying to find shelter behind one of the forest trees, she was sure that she could still see some shred of humanity within the animal…

Anna looked up at him as she felt the animal trying to surface, she dug her feet into the base of his spine and her fingernails clawed into his back. She began to moan and scream, but not because of fear, but because it was the most intense feeling she had ever felt.


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