Ben Banana Saves The Day

| July 17, 2013


Ben Banana Saves The Day

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Ben Banana of Bananaville is the local superhero who takes out the bad guys and keep the town safe. Take a peek inside his exciting life full of banana burgers, banana splits and banana sunglasses. Is there anything that’s not made out of bananas?! Ride along with Ben for a super fun time as he hops into his Bananamobile to fight some crime!

Check out the Ben Banana Series…

ZIP! BOOM! BANG! Watch out because Ben Banana of Bananaville is getting into his Bananamobile to save the town from all sorts of doom. In this series of lovable children’s books, Ben takes on Dr. Gloom, Freddy Fungus and his Ninja fruit flies, and even the good-turned-evil mayor of Bananaville! Kids love this yellow, super cool superhero, and don’t be surprised if your child starts trying to make his banana fly through the air! The twists and turns in the Ben Banana stories will have your kid begging for you to read it again and again!


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