Money Making Machine – How To Publish, Market and Make Money Using Kindle Books

| July 17, 2013


Money Making Machine - How To Publish, Market and Make Money Using Kindle Books

How I Make 39.57 Every Month? You Can Too.


I am not an author. I have not written any book in my life except the one you are going to read now.
I consistently make 39.57 every month. HOW?
Creating and Marketing Kindle Books Has Never Been Easier.
You don’t need Author Platform.
Start your next Kindle book in the next 2 hours.
In 4 QUICK and SIMPLE Steps, I will tell you exactly what you need to do to create and market your book and make more money than what I am making right now.

WARNING: This is for authors with serious intention of becoming successful with Kindle Books.

STOP wasting time in setting up Author platform by Blogging, Writing in Facebook, Twitter etc.
In 2 hours, you will be ARMORED with details to start your first Kindle book.
In 7 days, you will be SUPER READY to publish your first Kindle book.
This is a step-by-step POWERFUL guide with lots of pictures to make your learning EASIER and FASTER.

Got Stuck? You don’t have any book idea?

3 SIMPLE and EASY Ways to Get Your First Book Idea.

How do you analyze the market for your book idea?

1 SIMPLE, POWERFUL,EFFECTIVE Way to Analyze the Market IMMEDIATELY for Your Kindle Book

What Steps Would You Take to ACTUALLY create your Book?

9 POWER Steps to Create Your Book

How would you Market Your First Book?

6 HIDDEN SECRETS to Market Your First Book. These secrets will TRIPLE your sales.

Additional Sections

The guide also goes in depth on the following topics
How to use KDP Select to improve your SALES.
How to use Google Keyword Tool to EFFECTIVELY Market Your Kindle Book
How can you Convert Your PASSION and Expertise into a MONEY-MAKING Book
How to Select a CLICKABLE and AMAZING cover Design
List of more than 75 POWER Words to Create Your Book Description
How to EFFECTIVELY use Book Description to Improve SEO
How to bring your book on to the First Page of Amazon Search Result
How to Choose Titles which PERSUADE the customers to click using
How to get your DREAM cover design from the Designer?
Where to Find EXCELLENT Cover Designs for your Book
How to use Reviews to Sell More Books?
How to make Your Competitor to Sell YOUR Book
How to Get Your Book Appear in “Customer Who Bought…” Section
What Color Should Be Your Cover Design?
What Fonts sell MORE Books?
How to get 70% ROYALTY from Amazon?
What Price to Choose To MAXIMIZE Your PROFIT?
How to sell your book FREE and STILL Make Money?
How to Get to the Top 100 Best Sellers List?
Do you need Page Break at the end of every page?
How to Find the RIGHT category to SELL MORE copies?
An AMAZING Way to figure out the number of copies sold from Sales Rank.

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