You Can Quit! “How I Did”

| May 27, 2017


***New Release: Introductory Price*** I finally stopped having cravings. What I worked to do in this book was to help show you how to do the same for yourself without going through as much trial and error as I did. It is not just a passionate life story of myself: that is just the first chapter. It also includes research and real and practical ideas for quitting drinking or cutting back.
I did not find what I needed in AA, although some people do. I knew I needed to work on myself and I spent a long time trying to see how I could teach myself to stay sober. After all, alcohol dependence is a learned behavior in my opinion. I do not necessarily subscribe to the disease model of addiction, because for me I felt it sentenced me to a life of relapses and recoveries.
This book is not full of hype. I meant for it to be real but also educational. For you to understand how to quit, it is important to understand the mind and the way the brain thinks while in addiction.
For me to get sober, I had to become aware of and use many skills that I did not even know that I had. I had to figure out these things on my own. What I have tried to do is keep you from facing alcohol dependence without knowing many options available to you. This book gives you the freedom to take from a wealth of ideas and create your own plan for sobriety or cutting back.
After telling you my story of addiction, I go into the basics. I begin by discussing why people do not stop drinking or using drugs and why it takes time to recovery from addiction. I discuss reasons why a person may have become an alcoholic, including trauma, to help the family understand why that person may have not quit drinking. I discuss why an alcoholic would drink despite negative consequences.
I offer you some encouragement and ideas after that. Know that the withdrawal symptoms will go away. It is important to stop romancing the habit and villainize your relationship with alcohol. I discuss dealing with triggers, frustration, shame and many other important things that you may face in the beginning of your journey. I cover risk and consequences.
I discusses how I began learning to use self-talk to help with my cravings. I had learned a lot of the self-talk techniques in regard to other problems that I had faced. Don’t worry, I am not Pollyanna or Mary Poppins. This is a real book about something that worked for me when I believed at one point there was no help for me.
I also discuss self-esteem and recovery. It is designed to help you build your self-esteem and see yourself as a person worthy of sobriety or controlling your drinking. You already have many great qualities that you can use to stay sober, you just have to learn how to use them. Next, I bring the self-esteem into the self-talk and discuss how to build your own plan for sobriety or cutting back. In the book, I also discuss mindfulness, boundaries and other things people find helpful in cutting back or quitting. If you are wanting to cut back on your drinking or quit altogether, then you need to read this book.

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