Morval Grust: The Forgotten Fire

| May 27, 2017


What if you discovered everything you knew was a lie?

Azil is no ordinary teen—far from it. Sure she’s made of metal, but who isn’t? The reason everyone in her society thinks she’s a freak has more to do with her unusual behavior. While everyone around her spends their days routinely buffing their metal bodies to a perfect shine, Azil, on the other hand, finds pleasure in exploring and creating unique objects. Her father was also unconventional in this way. Was—but now he’s gone. They say he’s been “norphoonicated into the Great Glow”—a concept that makes absolutely no sense to Azil. All she knows is her father was there one day and gone the next. And without him, she feels completely lost. Ever since his disappearance, Azil’s mind has been racing with questions. Where did my father go? What causes someone to simply vanish?

In her desperate search for answers, Azil must defy the strict—yet extremely odd—rules of her society. More importantly, she is forced to transcend her own fears of the horrific dangers within her world. When Azil takes this leap into the unknown, nothing will prepare her for what she is about to experience. Once she discovers the secret of Morval Grust, everything she has known to be true will change forever.

This book is dedicated to all the makers, explorers and visionaries—those individuals who are bold enough to follow their passion and live by their own rules.

Corvon Woods’ wonder-filled debut delivers equal parts mystery and discovery in this captivating story about a dark secret, so pervasive, it has impacted an entire society for generations.

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