Ode to Minoa

| July 17, 2013


Ode to Minoa

When Aureillia, a Snake Priestess of Minoa, begins having visions of an unspeakable evil, her simple life is thrown into turmoil. Her Bronze Age community of Crete ruled by the cycles of the moon will soon be affected by another force. Visions of the future lead Aureillia to a loss of innocence and the discovery of her extraordinary powers.

Dintino weaves a fast moving narrative of intrigue and suspense as she recreates the culture of Minoan Crete where the Goddess, sensuality and beauty are venerated.

“Highly recommended.”

“…a gorgeously written tale of love and personal evolution.”

“The imagery in the book is incredible and I found it spellbinding.”

“If you ever wondered what it might be like to be a Minoan Snake Priestess, Dintino takes you there intimately.”

If you want to experience a time when women were empowered and humans lived in balance with the earth, read this book.

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