Alice Returns: A sequel for the young at heart

| May 28, 2017


A Birthday Surprise

Ten years had passed.

Alice was celebrating her 17th birthday.

Her older sister Elizabeth had promised Alice a special birthday surprise!

On the evening of Alice’s birthday, after the party, Elizabeth gave Alice the special surprise.

It was a rabbit!

Alice was really happy to receive a pet rabbit as a gift. She kept it in her room and then went to have dinner with her family.

After dinner, Alice went back to her room and sat on the bed. She grabbed a book from her bedside table and started reading it.

All of a sudden she heard someone saying, “Psst Alice, over here. Look at me!”

Alice looked over with surprise and saw that the rabbit her sister had gifted her was talking!

Then she noticed it wasn’t just any rabbit but the White Rabbit that took her to Wonderland!

Just then the white rabbit spoke, “Alice, do you remember me?”

Alice had millions of questions running through her head…

One of the questions was how the White Rabbit from Wonderland got here. And how did it arrive as a pet?

Alice pulled herself together and replied, “Of course! How could I forget you!”

Just then, out of the blue, the Cheshire Cat appeared!


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