The BOG: King of the Swamp

| May 28, 2017


Brace yourself for a roller costar ride in this breath-taking murder thriller, sweetened with romance and mystery with enough bite to leave you gasping for more…

When is murder not murder but justice? When it is a sweating, page-turning killer called revenge?

In the city of Miami, its payback time, and the swamp is ripe and ready to execute this…  

When ten-year-old Timothy Bacher’s dad starts having an affair with Timothy’s dream girl, and he doesn’t turn up on Timothy’s birthday, Timothy is devastated. He decides to run away from home where his parents are constantly fighting over his dad’s affair.
He meets Rufus, the new King of the Swamp!

But Rufus is a man on a mission. He is here to turn your bathroom into a restroom for the swamp!  Rufus’ list includes Hip Sing Kwok, the Triad boss of bosses and some girl who hurt him and left him for dead.

One man, Big Ted, oiled by big business money, wants to be mayor of Miami and get rid of the swamps and the likes of Rufus by turning the swamps of Miami into billion dollar pleasure resorts. He is unstoppable and favored to win.

One woman, Sugargirl Rust, who lost her family in a car accident has just discovered that the culprit is now walking free. She had dedicated her life to saving abandoned pets of Miami. Now, she decides to run for mayor of Miami and put things straight. Not only does she want to save the swamp environment, but her sanity too. She took to the bottle when her loved ones were killed. Now, she is afraid she might start drinking again, and never stop.

Rufus, King of the Swamp decides to help Sugargirl try and win the mayoral race. The odds are against her winning. Rufus’ methods are unorthodox and awaken a new wave of fear for the people of Miami. Soon enough, unexpected visitors start turning up and bodies start piling up, with some disappearing into the swamp’s digestive system.

Rufus is already seeing beyond the seat of Mayor. The governorship will soon be up for grabs. Next, he flicks his tongue, and a neon sign flicks ahead, in his imagination: The White House.

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