A Bride for the Undertaker

| May 29, 2017


Mercy feels eternally grateful to the orphanage that gave her a place to live, and raised her into a humble and generous young lady. Between the pastor and his wife who run the establishment and the nuns next door who help out in many ways Mercy had no shortage of great role models.

That’s why it breaks her heart that once she is eighteen she’ll have to move out. And with no suitors or jobs available in town outside the orphanage how can she keep helping those who gave her everything, those who need her help now more than ever?

When she prays to God for answers a most unusual solution lands in her lap. From there on Mercy’s determined to find not only financial help for the orphanage, but love as well, when she travels West as a Mail Order Bride.

Join Mercy on her emotional journey into a new town, where she marries a man she only knew through letters. Her faith will be tested, and new friends will be made. But can she build a strong marriage when her new husband seems to harbor a secret that turned the whole town against him?

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