The Black Heart of the Station

| May 29, 2017


Fifteen-year-old Josh Driscoll lives in the ‘Station’, a city constructed one kilometer beneath the surface of a frozen, lifeless earth. As punishment for stealing a space suit and traveling to the surface, Josh is forced to enroll as a novice monk at Saint Carmine’s, the Station’s resident monastery.

At first desperate to escape, he’s gradually drawn into the monastery’s scriptures, which hint at the Station’s origins, now lost in the mists of time. Josh comes to believe that the ‘Black Heart’, a computer complex of unknown purpose buried in an area critically damaged centuries ago, holds the key to the mystery, and is vital to their future survival.

When the governing Council, of which his own father is a member, are determined to demolish the Black Heart to clear the way for badly needed living space, Josh forms a movement and leads a desperate battle to stop the demolition.


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