The Perfect Fit

| May 29, 2017


Danielle Lowe is the last woman in her family to bed wed.

She’s finally approaching the big day that her mother, sister, and cousins have all been waiting for. Not only that, Danielle is engaged to Laurence Reed, her charming and handsome high school sweetheart. Their marriage could mean the start of a new era, one where Danielle can have a relationship with her mother and sister because her black sheep status will be lifted, and an era where Laurence is the new governor of Iowa once the wedding has come and gone. Danielle’s older sister, Penelope has decided to treat Danielle to a weekend of dress shopping and sisterly bonding in New York. However, when a drunken night leads to the discovery of a seductive playwright like Cole Pratt,

Danielle is set on having the one thing she shouldn’t be shopping for.

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